I had the privilege of presenting at Lonestar Ruby Conference in 2013 on the topic of Ruby application servers. To many Ruby developers, this may sound like a rather esoteric and useless topic, but as I show in this presentation, your choice of application server can have a profound impact on how your application behaves in production. This talk specifically examines four application servers: Thin, Puma, Passenger and Unicorn.


If you’d like to read more about these four application servers, check out the article I wrote for Engine Yard (which was split into two pieces by the marketing people - shrug):

  • Part One introduces use cases and configuration;
  • Part Two performance test, results and analysis.

Additionally, I’ve made PDF copies of the above to preserve my work in the event Engine Yard removes those posts or changes their blog layout and breaks the links (again…):

The code used to test these application servers is available by GitHub and my slides are on Slideshare.

Link to Confreaks Video