I had the privilege of presenting at Lonestar Ruby Conference in 2013 on the topic of Ruby application servers. To many Ruby developers, this may sound like a rather esoteric and useless topic, but as I show in this presentation, your choice of application server can have a profound impact on how your application behaves in production. This talk specifically examines four application servers: Thin, Puma, Passenger and Unicorn.

If you’d like to read more about these four application servers, check out the article I wrote for Engine Yard (which was split into two pieces by the marketing people - *shrug*):

Additionally, I’ve made PDF copies of the above to preserve my work in the event Engine Yard removes those posts or changes their blog layout and breaks the links (again…):

The code used to test these application servers is available by GitHub and my slides are on Slideshare.

Link to Confreaks Video